Month: August 2012

Shift Happens: Be Ready, Hear The Knowing Inside

Shift Happens: Be Ready, Hear The Knowing Inside   This is a guest post by Joseph Bernard. Recently I have become aware of some inner shifting going on. It seems we live in times when humanity is ripe for expansion. My inner practices of mindfulness, walking meditation and tai chi all have allowed me to be receptive to new ways of being in the world. I find that being present to my thoughts, my feelings and sensations assist me to be open and flexible to the demands of an ever-changing world. Through walking meditation and Tai Chi I have...

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19 Ways To Make More Time In Your Life For Meditation

19 Ways To Make More Time In Your Life For Meditation   If you are finding it difficult to find time for meditation then you are not alone, often it is a struggle to find space for any kind of meditation in your life. Like all things, it is only once you establish an action as a habit that it starts to feel vital to your day. These ideas can help you cut down the distractions that pull you way from your time to just sit and be. 1. Unplug Turn off the computer, email, social sites, and funny cat videos. It...

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Let’s face it… if I could give you meditation in a bottle you’d drink it. How about sitting around for hours on a cushion? I might have to convince you.

Still, you probably long for some meaning and purpose and you’d like to make positive changes in the world. You can appreciate stillness and still be a hell-raiser.

Most of all you want to live life to the full and be present for all of it. You’re smart and I’m glad you found your way here. Make yourself at home and please join our community