Have you got 10,000 hours to spare?

This is the time they say it takes to master your thing. The thing that you want to commit your life to and that will have you bursting with excitement every day.


I say we ditch trying to master stuff and instead let’s just play at stuff. Like novices and amateurs.

All of the time I am trying to empower young people to play music. With no skills or experience. No hours.

So why not follow on with the same philosophy that I teach to them. Everything is here, play with it.

Your life is an experiment. Nobody really knows what is going to happen next. Where was the 10,000 hours when the banks crashed?

That was a lot of expensively educated masters having no idea of the size of the fan that was going to get hit. And afterwards everyone furiously starts trying to master what just happened.

Mastery is great but creativity is an energy. Let it rip through you like a four-year old. An amateur!

Get obsessed about what excites you whether you have earned the status or not.

Once you begin things get rolling and you start to make new connections. New people show up who understand what you are doing and you converse, relate and collaborate.

Sparks fly and life is born.