Author: Craig Coggle

The Path to Non-Violence

Gandhi was a master and leader in showing us the beauty and efficacy of non-violence. The potential to move towards a path to peace is also beautifully expressed in this video of Paul Linden care of the embodiment channel. “Spirituality has to be done in the body. If we don’t overcome and change the alienation we feel between people and the earth, between people and people, we’ll wind up destroying the planet.”...

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World Sound Healing Day 2018

1). Heal Our Planet! 2). Heal Our Waters! 3). Raise Our Consciousness! This is the first time I’ve done this and I’m super excited to be hosting a group Sound Healing session for World Sound Healing Day 2018. The format is really straightforward and it’s okay if you’ve never done and sound work before. You don’t even need to be able to sing to join in. The key to this is that we create sound together with intention to raise consciousness on a global level. You can join thousands of voices from around the globe who will be joining...

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Can Play Ever Be Serious?

You know the cliché very well. Some well meaning boss, teacher or parent type figure misinterprets being supportive by actually projecting their need to control you: “This is serious! It’s no time for playing around.’ This conditioned directive is the same one they were given during their upbringing from previously trained figures of authority. Namely that play is something that gets in the way when things need to get real. This is worth exploring a little deeper and is worthwhile because the pernicious myth that play is frivolous leads to all kinds of guilt trips when we find ourselves...

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Will Mindfulness Ever Rule The World?

Ever since I started using drums for meditation and mindfulness i always wondered what would happen if the corridors of power were filled with the sound of drumming instead of back biting and vilification. So I was gobsmacked to read a small piece in the UK press that seems to have quietly bubbled to the surface without any of the roaring fanfare that it deserves. Last week, the Guardian reported that ministers were to meditate with politicians from Israel, Sri Lanka and Sweden as part of a new initiative exploring the impact of mindfulness on political process. The group...

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Let’s face it… if I could give you meditation in a bottle you’d drink it. How about sitting around for hours on a cushion? I might have to convince you.

Still, you probably long for some meaning and purpose and you’d like to make positive changes in the world. You can appreciate stillness and still be a hell-raiser.

Most of all you want to live life to the full and be present for all of it. You’re smart and I’m glad you found your way here. Make yourself at home and please join our community