Author: Craig Coggle

Spirituality With Balls

I love hanging around the ladies magazine section! Not in a weird way, you understand it’s just that I love the spiritual, wellness, happiness titles they get. It’s all about finding your freedom, striking a balance and taking time to contemplate in stillness and silence. Then men’s titles are so shouty. Muscles, gift of the gab, peak performance, drive ambition. I get that there is a place for that, but I always wonder where are the spiritual titles aimed at men. We don’t need the fluffy cushion side of things but desperately need to be shown how to open...

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How To Control Your Emotions Like A Monk and Boost Your Emotional Health

How To Control Your Emotions Like A Monk and Boost Your Emotional Health   You want to control your emotions? Good luck with that. Sorry, but I got you here under false pretences. You can’t control emotions and if you think you can then they will end up controlling you. Like a pack of wolves they will steal you away when the darkness falls. You know this already. You see emotions are an important part of of our life. They can be useful in signalling to us if something isn’t working for us or needs changing. Emotions are like...

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Sit… Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Sit… Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.   I can bet that are times when you really don’t feel like sitting and meditating. When things are crowding in on top of you and what you could really do with is just to kick back, watch a bit of TV and maybe have a glass of wine. Yes, there are plenty of times we don’t feel like meditating. Yet, everyday we get the chance to make a choice. Not because we are better people or more worthy than anyone else but because we made an agreement with ourselves. We...

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How Sitting Down Will Cure Poverty, Remove Terrorism And Save The World.

How Sitting Down Will Cure Poverty, Remove Terrorism And Save The World.   Sounds like a dream right? The world is a mess. The world is perfect. It just depends on your angle. However you look at it, things need to change. You’re probably thinking, ‘Thats all very well to say that we should all spend our days sitting around meditating but how are we going to fix the economy/terrorists/benefit scroungers?’ It’s hard to change things when everyone with a vested interest in things staying as they are tell you that this is the only way. It’s not and...

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How To Clear Your Mind

How To Clear Your Mind   If you can clear your mind you can leave space and energy for the real you to come through. Just for a game, put your finger on the point where YOU are located. Go on, have some fun and do it now. Where are you pointing? Your head, your heart, somewhere else entirely? Different cultures and different traditions experience the centre of their being in different places in their body. Yet in all of these different cultures, thoughts always have the last say. You may be particularly sensitive to feeling when someone is approaching...

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Let’s face it… if I could give you meditation in a bottle you’d drink it. How about sitting around for hours on a cushion? I might have to convince you.

Still, you probably long for some meaning and purpose and you’d like to make positive changes in the world. You can appreciate stillness and still be a hell-raiser.

Most of all you want to live life to the full and be present for all of it. You’re smart and I’m glad you found your way here. Make yourself at home and please join our community