Author: Craig Coggle

Spirituality With Balls

I love hanging around the ladies magazine section! Not in a weird way, you understand it’s just that I love the spiritual, wellness, happiness titles they get. It’s all about finding your freedom, striking a balance and taking time to contemplate in stillness and silence. Then men’s titles are so shouty. Muscles, gift of the gab, peak performance, drive ambition. I get that there is a place for that, but I always wonder where are the spiritual titles aimed at men. We don’t need the fluffy cushion side of things but desperately need to be shown how to open...

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The Power of the Fifth Chakra

The Mighty Vishudha The 5th chakra is the throat chakra that sits in the region of the neck and shoulders at the base of the throat. Its Sanskrit name is Vishudha which means pure or purification. It holds an important position in the ‘chakra ladder’ as it is the first chakra of the higher or spiritual chakras also comprising the sixth and seventh chakras. The representative colour of this chakra is blue, it has the symbol of a lotus flower with 16 petals and its element is sound (or some references suggest ‘ether’). The seed sound of the 5th chakra is...

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Why Happiness Is A Choice.

I’ve found that my two boys often show me why happiness is a choice. In fact, what is it about the young? We are told that they are bundles of unrestrained joy and innocence. Really? Well, how come I’m looking at a pouty lip from my eldest (6 years wise) on most mornings. How is him waking up and struggling against the family agenda providing evidence of natural happiness? A better question is, “How does that serve him and what does it tell me?” On first glance it looks like something called a bad mood. He has all the...

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Practice is the Key – Why You Have To Replace Dreams With Practice

The thing about having a dream, or even just setting a big goal, is that it can stop you in your tracks. You freeze. I’ll show you how practice is the key. “I don’t know if I could ever do that!” “That just seems unrealistic. How am I ever going to start?” A voice that you hear finds every possible doubt that lingers in the energy of your thoughts, (and that’s all that your thoughts are, after all). The result is that you stay motionless. Motivation deserts you as you look across the dream chasm, unable to move. “I’ll never manage...

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How To Stop Working On Yourself And Find Yourself Instead

One of the most repeated pieces of advice I give to people is, “You’re not broken.” I say this so many times. And I believe that it’s true. It’s sort of the opposite to therapy. In that case you look at the damage caused from your past and relive it or express it to relieve the pressure of suppression of emotions. I believe we all come into this world perfectly formed in our own way. We don’t need to add anything or change anything. All we have to do is allow ourselves to grow and develop and realise our potential....

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Let’s face it… if I could give you meditation in a bottle you’d drink it. How about sitting around for hours on a cushion? I might have to convince you.

Still, you probably long for some meaning and purpose and you’d like to make positive changes in the world. You can appreciate stillness and still be a hell-raiser.

Most of all you want to live life to the full and be present for all of it. You’re smart and I’m glad you found your way here. Make yourself at home and please join our community