Med powerMeditation Power

It’s widely known that meditation practice can bring positive and powerful benefits to your life but it isn’t always clear exactly how to go about starting to meditate at home.

There are plenty of books on mindfulness and meditation techniques but very little guidance on starting a personal meditation practice of your own that will work for your lifestyle.

Meditation Power takes you through a ten step process for creating your own meditation practice and uses exercises, checklists, and worksheets to help you build the elements of a meditation routine that you can stick to.



At the end of this book you will be:

– Looking forward to your meditation each day
– Finding the motivation to continue your practice
– Gaining more clarity in your thinking as your practice deepens
– Connecting with your innate creativity and wisdom on a regular basis

Meditation Power also comes with downloadable worksheets, checklists, and meditation audios to help you all along the way. Full access details are included within the book.

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m for begMeditation for Beginners

This guide gives you an outline of some basic meditation techniques that have been collected from a range of sources and laid out as a 10-step course that you can start using straight away. Meditation is a science and can be followed regardless of your religion, your beliefs, or your experience. Right this moment… you are, and you can get closer to who you are through meditation. Using progressive exercises along with detailed meditation scripts this elegant guide makes meditation simple, accessible, and a natural part of contemporary life just waiting for you to experience.

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