Sulphite Free Wines

Winemakers add sulphur dioxide to wines for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties, preventing the wine from spoiling. However, the sulphur can cause allergic reactions of various types and severity, including headaches, rashes, low blood pressure, and breathing difficulties.

In order to prevent these negative reactions, many wineries have opted to eliminate sulphur dioxide from the production process. No-added sulphur wines are made with no sulphur dioxide at all, so the risk of allergic reaction is reduced. Note: There are very low levels produced naturally during fermentation, so there is no true “sulphite free wine” or “sulphur free wine”. The name “no sulphur” refers to no sulphur “added” during the wine production. All wines must be labelled ‘Contains Sulphites’ unless the sulphur level is lower than 10 parts per million.

Organic sulphur free wine has a much lower chance of causing negative reactions, so they’re the ideal option for those with allergies to sulphur and sulphites. We have probably the best selection of no sulphur added (or NSA) wines in the UK, giving you options to find wine that you can drink with no fear of repercussions.