Organic Vodka

Vodka is all about purity, and there's nothing purer than organic vodka. These have an especially smooth taste. The origins of vodka are disputed. While it is typically cited as having Russian roots, others claim Poland as the drink’s birthplace. Vodka can be distilled from almost any ingredients, such as wheat, rye, corn, or potatoes.

Vodka is a popular “neutral grain spirit,” so named because it has no discernible flavour and has become a mainstay as a cocktail mix. It’s also a rectified spirit that typically undergoes distillation at least three times and often more for ensuring a smooth and refreshing taste. Snow Queen Vodka is one brand that takes its distillation method to the next level by utilizing a five-time distillation technique for eliminating even the most minute traces of impurities. With such dedication to the production process, you know the resulting product will live up to its name.

Primarily used as a popular cocktail mix, quality vodka can be drunk on its own. In fact, this is how it usually drunk in vodka-producing countries such as Russia, Poland and Ukraine. While the “purists” may prefer neutral vodka, flavoured varieties are also available. This includes those infused with a blend of citrus, berry, or confectionary flavours to appeal to different palates. With natural ingredients and a multi-step distillation process, organic vodka is as pure as it gets with respects to distilled spirits.