Meditation Coaching with Craig

The most successful people get ideas and instructions from mentors, coaches and experts…and now you can too!

There are many benefits to be had from meditating in groups or on retreats… but sometimes it just not possible to take a 10 day break from work and family or attend evening courses every week. Without any support, establishing a meditation practice on our own can force us to ask for help. There are usually one of these three things that causes the problem…

We don’t understand

We read books and texts – and we just don’t “get it”. It’s written in another language (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally!). Whatever the case, we can’t figure out how to get started, and so we have to ask for help.

Something isn’t working

This is another biggie. We need confirmation on how we are doing and feedback on both our understanding and our technique. We need help getting REAL results, and so we put out a cry for help.

Information is missing

We have a lot of general information in front of us but it isn’t specific enough for us and for our situation. Have you ever tried a meditation course that wasn’t specific enough that you could apply it to what YOU are dealing with? It sounds very good and probably would be helpful to a lot of people, but you just can’t figure out how to put it into practice.

Regardless of what kind of problem you are encountering with meditation, all of these things have one glaring thing in common. When you’re facing one of these situations…

You’re stuck! That’s the REAL problem.

The end result is, you can’t move forward. Until that issue is resolved, you’re simply stuck. You need to clear it up so you can continue on and receive the benefit, result or enjoyment you were seeking in the first place. In instances like these, it’s always good to be able to have access to those who can get you unstuck. That is, to be able to ask questions and seek assistance with those who are qualified to help you out of a jam.

That’s where I step into the picture… I coach people in meditation because I believe that it is the single most important habit that you can introduce into your life that will create real transformation and change. Regular time spent in meditation can lead to clarity and insight.

When you uncover those transformation takes place inside of you. And it can happen in a moment. You may need to prepare the ground first but it can be sudden and life changing.

My coaching programme takes you through the entire Meditation Power system. Each session gives you specific tasks to develop your practice and as you progress you can ask daily questions via email through Monday – Thursday. You will develop your own personal meditation practice that includes:

  • Establishing your ideal meditation time
  • Arranging your meditation space
  • Learning how to sit
  • Trying a range of focus techniques
  • Developing breath awareness
  • Extending your meditation practice week by week until you have a nourishing practice that you can enjoy every day

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