Shift Happens: Be Ready, Hear The Knowing Inside


This is a guest post by Joseph Bernard.

Recently I have become aware of some inner shifting going on. It seems we live in times when humanity is ripe for expansion. My inner practices of mindfulness, walking meditation and tai chi all have allowed me to be receptive to new ways of being in the world.

I find that being present to my thoughts, my feelings and sensations assist me to be open and flexible to the demands of an ever-changing world. Through walking meditation and Tai Chi I have learned to flow more easily down the river of change.

What do you do when growth is calling you?

There are moments in life when you know it is time to shift from what you are doing towards a more expanded way of being. At those times, inner listening is essential because your deeper intuitive knowing is waiting to show you the way.

Practices like mindfulness, walking meditation, tai chi and yoga help open you to this flow of inner guidance These wise and enlightening ways have the most positive impact when you set them up to succeed.

Here are several optimizing conditions that both encourage the inner work and help seed the needed changes:

Take time for yourself – Taking time for you is essential for your well-being and opens you to the brilliance inside waiting to be expressed. Your goal each day is to be recharged by doing self-care so you can be more present to everything you do.

Silence is most helpful – Silence is golden because it offers a deeper journey. In the quiet stillness within there is a river of knowing that keeps on flowing. Find a quiet place and let the stillness soothe and inform your life.

Focus helps quiet the mind – A simple focus, like being present to your body as your breathe in and out, invites the mind to slow down. It helps you enter the space of stillness and to come fully into the now. Now is where life’s vibrancy and knowing happens.

Patience allows a more naturally process to unfold – This is time when you slow down and alter the buzz of life to a more peaceful hum. Being present to you allows for greater self-expression and a richer experience of life. You can patiently step away from the hurry and worry of life and be in the peace and quiet of this moment.

Openness to what presents itself – Walking the quiet path and tuning inwards brings you awareness and the most interesting thoughts, ideas, and insights. These insights need a spacious mind if they are to grow in understanding and clarity. The judging nature of the mind is best put aside. Now is the time to just examine what presents itself.

Now go exploring the insights – After your inner exploring stirs your awakening, you will need time to deepen the understanding. With understanding comes the opportunity to integrate your new knowing into your life. These fresh insights enrich your life over and over.

With these helpful support components, shifting your life happens more easily. These new insights and understandings invite you to expand beyond old limiting ways towards a joyous and more fulfilling self-expression. Frankly life just seems to work better when you are tuned in to yourself.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. spent 35 years as a mental health professional and is now a writer, blogger and personal consultant. He is on a mission to expand people’s minds and open their hearts so we can all lift each other up and inspire a peaceful and compassionate world. Check out his blog and sign up for his free e-book called Spirited Living, which will put spunk back into everything you are doing.