Sit… Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.


I can bet that are times when you really don’t feel like sitting and meditating.

When things are crowding in on top of you and what you could really do with is just to kick back, watch a bit of TV and maybe have a glass of wine.

Yes, there are plenty of times we don’t feel like meditating.

Yet, everyday we get the chance to make a choice. Not because we are better people or more worthy than anyone else but because we made an agreement with ourselves.

We get to make a choice because we know that we’ll feel better afterwards for having done it.

I’m not suggesting that meditation is some torture that we need to endure or even that anything spectacular will happen.

What I’m suggesting is that when we commit to building something big like a meditation practice, every small step that¬†we take builds our strength.

We build ourselves with discipline, concentration and focus and we show that every time we come to sit.

Even the bad days can still give us a reassurance that we are true to our word.

True to ourselves.

It might be easier to just have one day without sitting but easier isn’t why we started on this path.

Think about it, or don’t.

Weigh up the pros and cons… then just sit anyway.