I love hanging around the ladies magazine section!
Not in a weird way, you understand it’s just that I love the spiritual, wellness, happiness titles they get. It’s all about finding your freedom, striking a balance and taking time to contemplate in stillness and silence.
Then men’s titles are so shouty. Muscles, gift of the gab, peak performance, drive ambition. I get that there is a place for that, but I always wonder where are the spiritual titles aimed at men.
We don’t need the fluffy cushion side of things but desperately need to be shown how to open up and evolve our compassion and intuition. These sorts of men’s magazines don’t seem to exist. There’s no ‘He Yoga’ on the magazine rack, no ’Spirit of Man’ at the till.
It just further compounds my truth:
‘All people, especially men, should meditate every day’.
That’s all men. Those at the junction shouting at cars, Those in cars shouting at each other. The traders, the fighters, the stay out all-nighters. The ones with a problem and the ones with nuclear warheads pointing at each other. They need to meditate.
The police chiefs and the politicians, the arms manufacturers and the poachers.
To all of them, stop doing what you are doing, be still, go within.
Of course there are many women who demonstrate these male tendencies and manners, but remember that they also have the nurturing side within them. They carry a balance between the two forces, the yin and the yang. They are in many ways more evolved.
Through meditation there is a way to see the big picture, to understand the world’s refugee crisis for instance without needing to fix things all of the time.
Building walls? You need to build meditation centres. And then meditate every day.
The male response is always set to ‘doing’. From the war on drugs to the solution to the immigration ‘problem’. The mindset of doing never allows the higher truth to reveal itself.
We need to consider how we want the world to be and then be that person that would live it. Only by going within can we become our truth of being.
Meditation is the art and practice of surrender and of acceptance of how things are. And it is awareness, pure awareness of what is.
If that sounds far too vague and conceptual then consider how the state of the world looks to you today. Consider how we repeat our habits and behaviours and carry on blindly, safe in the ignorance that we know what’s coming our way but we just choose to ignore it.
Evidence of environmental degradation surrounds us but we let our lack of awareness continue the cycle. We see conflict stirring and immediately take sides and begin wading in both verbally and physically.
In just the way we have always done things, pushing forward without an awareness of what is really needed and how we really need to be. We strive for growth with no awareness of inequality, we demand convenience goods and services with a lack of compassion for the real costs in human and natural terms.
It’s what we have always done.
Yet, when we meditate, dear reader, then we will see.