Will Acceptance Ever Rule The World?

Acceptance is easy when everything is going well. When you’ve pretty much got what you want, nobody is stressing you out and your financial situation and relationships are strong, then acceptance is just a natural part of your life.

Well, I’ve been struggling with acceptance hugely over the last couple of days, purely because not everything has been well.

How Bad Is It?

Okay, I’m not talking ‘I had to cut my arm off’ bad (watched the amazing 127 hours last night in case you didn’t guess) but you might find this useful anyway so I wanted to share.

Some good news from an old student of mine had left me re-evaluating where I am and where I’m headed. I stumbled across his tales of success, fame, and financial independence in a music magazine and it caught me off-guard and what I actually felt coming up was a niggling jealousy and regret.

You see, like many people I made choices and compromises in my life to get to the place where I am at now. Reading of his success left me recalling some old dreams of mine that were never fulfilled and that he is now fulfilling for himself.

I called into question the choices that I made over time that took me from potentially reaching my dream destination to reaching a different place instead. Do you have that feeling in your life? I’m not saying that my choices were wrong, they were what I felt was the right thing at the time and they led to where I am now.

So why do I still feel so jealous?

At first I felt I should be where he is now. I felt that I had sold myself short and that I had missed my own opportunities to achieve my dreams. Not a great place to be in as I’m sure you know.

It took a while for me to listen deeply to what I was feeling and what I was being told.

And then I heard it: ‘This is your path’. There it was, a clear voice from deep within me: ‘This is your path’.

I recommend that if you feel a similar disappointment with where you are right now in your life, that you listen closely to that voice deep within you. Hopefully you will get better at hearing the guidance that it is giving you. This is your path!

My former student is taking his path, but that path was never my path. The  path that I am now on is my path. Yes I can change course, I can double back or I can carry on forward. It’s all good, and its all my path.

The path you are on is your path and everything is exactly as it should be. The thing is, you don’t know where the path that you are on is leading, you don’t know what is in store. That’s the point.

It’s your path and your job is to follow it and not to follow some other one just because you feel that you should. Especially if it’s because you feel like you’re missing something or that you are jealous.

Authenticity comes from moving forward in the direction that is ahead of you. Don’t look over your shoulder to see what every one else is doing and compare your path to theirs.

Instead focus on experiencing your own journey, smile, give thanks to your inner wisdom, and take some comfort in the voice that tells you: ‘This is your path.’