Ever since I started using drums for meditation and mindfulness i always wondered what would happen if the corridors of power were filled with the sound of drumming instead of back biting and vilification.

So I was gobsmacked to read a small piece in the UK press that seems to have quietly bubbled to the surface without any of the roaring fanfare that it deserves.

Last week, the Guardian reported that ministers were to meditate with politicians from Israel, Sri Lanka and Sweden as part of a new initiative exploring the impact of mindfulness on political process.

The group were to meet together and then be led in a series of meditations as a way to increase their awareness and, lo and behold, their compassion.

I can’t disguise my distrust of politicians and how simply delirious I am to hear that such an evolutionary step has been taken. This is a world where ideals and vision get trampled on by egos and self interest. Bypassing the fearful ego voice through the process of meditation has the potential to be a hugely trans-formative step.

Jon Kabat-Zinn who addressed the group reflected on the impact of such a move.

“The UK is way ahead of the curve,” Kabat-Zinn said. “I don’t know of any other country that is doing this, and now you have inspired politicians in many different countries. That is what this event is about. They can look each other in the face and strategise and support each other.

“This is not a weirdo lunatic fringe trying to take over the world, but an oxygen line straight into the heart of what is deepest and most beautiful in us as human beings.”

The other co-chair, Tim Loughton, a Conservative former minister, said: “There is an affinity amongst those who have been through this course and a rather more considered approach to exchanges of differing views.”

It won’t be long before the sound of those drums will become a reality.

You can read the original article here: http://craigcoggle.com/politics